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Topic: sleep well

hird Bimester

Area: Science

Topic: sleep well

Level: Elementary School

Week: From February 15th to19th

Head Teacher: Miss Cristina Estrada


1) Objectives:

  • Learn about the human body functions during sleeping

  • Make conscious about the importance of sleeping weel

  • Practice with a brain experiment.

2) Development:

Why do I have to sleep?

Sleeping is an important part of life. Adults have to sleep 8 hours every night. But kids, need to sleep 10 hours every night. During sleeping your bones grows, your muscles grows and your brain continue learning.

When you sleep well, your brain can be concentrate to learn more and better

3) Let´s make and experiment

a) Look at Miss Cristina´s Brain Experiment video:

b) Verse 1: memorized it every night (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

c) Verse 2: memorized it every morning (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

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