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Topic: I like, I don´t like

Third Bimester

Area: English

Topic: I like, I don´t like

Level: Elementary School

Week: From February 8th to 12th

Head Teacher: Miss Cristina Estrada


1) Objectives:

  • To practice affirmative and negative sentences using “I like”

  • To Practice asking questions using “Do you like?”

  • To practice short answers using “yes I do / No,I don´t”

  • Make funny comparisons

  • Read long sound and short sounds correctly

  • Practice food vocabulary

2) Development:

Do you like?

When someone ask you “Do you like?...” you can answer “Yes, I do” or “No, I don´t”

Learn with Miss Cristina about it:

3) Check up to the following songs, sing along and have fun with the funny food mixes

4) Let´s practice!

A. Get into the next link and play many games about “Do you like?”

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