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Topic: Body and Vitamins

Third Bimester

Area: Science

Topic: Body and Vitamins

Level: Elementary School

Week: From February 8th to 12th

Head Teacher: Miss Cristina Estrada


1) Objectives:

  • Learn about the human body functions and needs

  • Practice skeleton vocabulary

  • Make conscious about the cares of the bones

  • Learns about vitamins importance

2) Development:

Why does the body need vitamins?

Human need vitamins to make the body works better. With vitamins we get stronger, healthier and happier. Vitamins prevent diseases.

We can get vitamins from food and supplements such as gummy vites or similar

3) Take a look

Look at this video to learn about vitamins that helps the skeleton and the whole body

4) Get prepare for an experiment!

For Tuesday 9th forum have prepared the next materials:

  • Vinegar (into your curiosity box)

  • Milk

  • Cola soda

  • 3 small chicken bones (if they are wing bones, better)

  • 3 glass containers with cap (can be a Gerber o similar ones)

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