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Topic: Actions verbs

Third Bimester

Area: English

Topic: Actions verbs

Level: Elementary School

Week: From February 15th to 19th

Head Teacher: Miss Cristina Estrada


1) Objectives:

  • To practice affirmative and negative sentences using action verbs

  • To Practice asking questions using “can you?”

  • To practice short answers using “Yes, I can”, “No, I can´t”

  • Make funny comparisons with animals

  • Read long sound and short sounds correctly

  • Practice action verbs and animals vocabulary

2) Development:

Can you?

a) When someone ask you “Can you?” you can answer “Yes, I can”, “No, I can´t”

Can you jump?

Can you swim?

Can you read?

b) Learn with Miss Cristina about action verbs

3) Check up to the following song, sing along and have fun with the funny animal’s action verbs

4) Let´s practice!

Play actions verbs memory game

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